Nowadays we hear a lot of divorce and separation of marriages. We wonder what’s wrong with people that they don’t value their marriage than it used to be. Relationship is really important that we value it and if there is something wrong we need to fix it right away so that it will get worse.

Here are some ideas and tips how this couple make their marriage last long and this might help you and me or to all of us in our marriage relationship or will serve us a reminder every time when we have issues or problems that comes up in our relationship.

*Marriage or Relationship is partnership relationship – so have to care for each other more than you care for other people. You have to make it sure that your spouse first before anything else.

* Communicate each other more often – one reason of marriage and relationship failure is lack of communication. We need to communicate our spouse and tell what we feel. You have to know each other the like and dislikes, so that one of you will be aware of what’s happening.

* You need to be careful of each other feelings – never hurt each other and whatever the issues and problem you have talk it nicely and resolve the problem right away. Never say bad things to each other or hurt someone’s pride or emotionally.

* Respect and trust each other – we have to respect our spouse on whatever decisions or things she/he may have. Trust each other – don’t be suspicious and jealous to him/her if you have doubt’s ask him/her and loyal to your partner.

* Give time to each other – even how busy our life will be we have to make it sure that we have to spend time together. Set to it that you have time to go out together and have a date like eat out, going to church together, watch movie, walk to the park or whatever things that you both love to do. Take a break from your work and household chores, if you have the budget take a vacation together. Spend your quality time together, appreciate and enjoy the time together.

* Have time with friends – you can invite some of your closes friends or couples to come over and have a little gathering. Spending time with friends is good as well to associate with them once in a while. Having friends over it is good for our soul.

* Settle whatever financial issues – I have to put the money last because if you have the love, money doesn’t matter. If there is love you have to find ways to make it true or make ends meet if you do love for each other. But these days’ money or financial issues is one of the reasons why marriage doesn’t work out. You have to work together and settle whatever financial issues or difficulties that comes up in your marriage. Need to budget your finances together so that both of you knows where the money goes.

Marriage is a commitment to each other when we make a promise during the marriage ceremony that we have to hold on each other no matter what. That is why you need to make it sure your decisions before you get unto it. It is not a toy that you can return to the store or give it away after when you feel that you don’t want it anymore.