Watching the devastating news of Japan’s tragedy it breaks my heart and I think most of the people around the world. Japan is one of the most progressing country because Japanese people are known to be industrious when it comes to work. But this unexpected¬† tragedy that hits Japan makes us think that even how brilliant or rich we are if tragedy comes we cannot say no to this. We just don’t know what is the God’s plan for us, we just need to be prepared all the time because we don’t know when our life’s gonna be.

Those people doesn’t know that is there last day for the people that lost their lives in that tragedy and for the people that survive we have to continue live life the way it is. It is not easy because most of your things are washed by the devastating tsunami and if some that survive lost their love ones and their things. But that is all material things that we can still replace if still giving a chance to live again.

As of today there are millions of people that don’t have water, electricity, fuel or not enough food for everyone. Right know there weather conditions are freezing cold with heavy snowfalls and wet conditions in Japan. More than hundreds of thousands that are homeless. There military helicopters and trucks that sprayed water over the affected Fukushima nuclear power plant in order to restore levels in cooling ponds where the spent fuel rods are restored. The owner of the plant which is the Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO)are trying their best in spraying but they don’t know how successful it is but they just put an efforts to continue their works and they are trying to reconnect the electricity supplies so that the pumps can be restarted in the plant’s cooling system.

They advised the people to leave Japan and airlines tickets are sold out and even private jet firms are swamped with bookings.  As of this news the number of missing and dead has reached to 15,000 and the number that confirmed dead is 5, 692 while the number of missing increased to 9,522 and a total of 2,409 people were injured in that hurtful tragedy this from the National Police Agency update. This is very scary and hurtful tragedy and I am so sorry for the affected people, we love you and life must go on and we need to pray for them.