Have you heard the name Katie Yeakle? If not you may have at least unknowingly read some of her work. Katie Yeakle is well known in the world of direct marketing and her role as a copy editor in the publishing world.  You may have heard her name when she was a successful product manager, editorial coordinator, marketing manager or fulfillment supervisor.

Katie Yeakle has been around for over 20 years working with many to help them grow and achieve the goals they have been looking for. For you to know with her effective writing skills that deliver results she has become well known in the American Writers & Artists Inc. (AWAI). Katie Yeakle currently holds the position at AWAI as their executive director and overseas one hundred or more of AWAI’s programs that have been put into place to help people turn dreams into profitable careers.

Right now AWAI is preparing for their 2011 job fair that will help many of us get noticed in the effective writing field by many well known companies like Glazier-Kennedy, Best Life Herbals, International Living, Money Week and many, many more.

Through this you could meet the well known Marcella Allison at one of their six boot camps being held by AWAI and see what drives her effective writing style and see what brought her into the spot light with many of her projects. Boardroom Inc. a well know publishing firm has hired Marcella Allison as an apprentice to write for them and has become one of their top copywriters.

Katie Yeakle also talks about on her website the benefits and best practices when search for a good copywriter. First and foremost she says you need to know what you want to accomplish. As a business this is very important. Second be clear with your copywriter on what you would like in the end. And last but not least as a business hiring a copywriter you need to create a brief description of the job or project you are hiring them for. For more information you can go online to Katie Yeakle website and find out much more information on how to become an effective writer or AWAI.