We finally have warm weather and we have time to do outside chores. Time to clean up the unwanted weeds that we have noticed and these weeds grow everywhere and this is annoying sometimes. What I don’t like when weeds’ starting to creep into the crack into our walkway stone and the cracks in our driveway this is unattractive and get slippery when it is wet.

Time get rid of these annoying weeds and easy ways to do this is mix white vinegar and lemon juice equally and put in a spray bottle and thoroughly spray to the unwanted weeds and make it sure you will not spray this to your desirable plants. This will surely take care of your unwanted weeds that distract the beauty of your place.

The combination of the lemon citric acid and the vinegar acetic acid will eat up the stems and dry the roots. This will also kill the existing weeds and deterring the future growth of these unwanted weeds that starting to grow in the cracks of your driveway or walkway stone. By the way and doing this way it is easy and cheap also and it doesn’t takes up a lot of time either.