One week before Halloween and I am asking if you are ready for your Halloween Party or Halloween costumes? I know we are busy with the Halloween Parties and gathering this coming Halloween. I have already Halloween Party this week-end for the Filipino & American Association here in West Michigan.

I am excited to see my friends and having fun with them and see with their different costumes in this Halloween Party. I am sure we will have good time with the games and associate with them. Filipino gathering or party will not be complete without our favorite food especially the Filipino food. The most awaited is the food and I bit everybody loves it.

But even how busy we are we don’t have to forget to prepare or go shopping for candies for the trick or treating for kids.  I love giving candies to the kids and I like watching their Halloween Outfit. They are cute and enjoyable to watch, even though I am not bliss with kids. But I know I am bliss with other aspects of life.

Also if you don’t have any costumes for Halloween Party yet you can still have time to shop or make one. There are many Halloween costumes available that you can choose from. You can buy from the store nearest you or you can still shop online there still one week time for shipping. Hope you have good time with your Halloween Party, enjoy your pumpkin patch, corn maze, hay ride, trick or treating or whatever Fall & Halloween fun near you.