I know we don’t like medication or going to the doctor. But sometimes we have too and we need to write down all information regarding to our medications and what needs to do. A study found that in as little as 10 to 80 minutes after their doctor visit or talked to them and at least 60 percent of patients couldn’t correctly report what they were told.

What we need to do during our doctor visit? We need to take notes or take a friend or family member to help you and get information in writing from your doctor or pharmacist. Use a checklist of questions for your health care provider and pharmacist. These are some of the questions or list that you will make or take a note.

– What is the medication, what condition is it for and how does it work?

– What will happen to you if you don’t take it or in case you skip it?

–  How much, how often and how long should you take it?

–   Are there special instructions – like what time you will take and how many times you will take it? Also ask if you take it with food or if is okay  to take the medication if without food?

–  Ask if it is okay to take this medication with other prescription or non-prescription that you take?

– What should you do if you miss or late taking the dosage?

– What side effects should be aware of and what should you do if you experience any side effects?

–  How can you know if the medication is working? Are there a follow-up visits or test required?

These are the things that sometimes we forgot to ask when visit to our doctor. So we need to remember these questions. It is very important to know and we don’t have to be shy to ask our doctors so that we are aware of what needs to do and what we don’t need to do.