If you are new to this blogging world or you might planning blogging this question will surely comes into your mind. What beneficial can I get from blogging? There are many beneficial in blogging as well as there are also disadvantages. Blogging is a personal journal that published in the Worldwide Web and everyone could read it if they know how to access or use computers and internet.

Here’s some list why people blog or the beneficial from blogging. Some insights that benefit or you can get from blogging.

*You can express you feeling and opinion through blogging and your readers and visitors can also leave a comment of your post or article written. Although not all or necessary to have a comments but most of the good quality blog has it to interact each other and this allow visitors and readers to come back to your blog or websites.

*You can make friends from any parts of the world through blogging. You can build social relation with your readers and bloggers. That’s why blogging still one form of a social networking and number one tool of helping each other. Also you can spread the words easily that is the reason why blogging is an excellent tool in advertising your product, services and your business.

*You can give tips and ideas to your readers about life and anything that you are expert with. The more informative, good article quality and well designed is your blog the more people will come and visit.

*You can promote and advertise product, expertise, services, business or work on your blog that you can earn money. Companies are using this blog advertisement to take advantage of this new strategy on how to market their product in a progressive and effective manner.

* Your blog can be private as well or it can be for public relation or for business.