smoothieWarm weather is here already and especially celebrating your 4th of July we need something that make us cool down. Smoothie is one of the answer that might cool you down for the exhausted warm weather and for your busy parties ever. Many smoothie recipes call for ice cubes to add frosty texture.

But you find that the ice just dilutes the drink’s fruity flavor. To enjoy great taste every time, what you need to do is to keep an ice tray filled with orange juice in your freezer. When making smoothies, you need to replace plain ice cubes with the frozen orange juice this will add the sweetness and tang while chilling the smoothie mixture.

Smoothie is very tasty and good refreshment while we are enjoy the summer hit. Not only tasty and delicious it has give us the vitamins, minerals and antioxidant that our body needs specially that we sweat too much during summer. We need a liquid that would cool us down so that we will not get dehydrated and smoothie is one of the best thirst reliever that are made with natural fruits which is very delicious and everybody loves it.