The stock market has always changed from day to day. But now with all the calamities like the latest tsunami and earthquake in Japan or the rage that has been happening in Saudi Arabia or the air strikes with the Libyan riots or the EIA energy report or even with the ongoing oil crisis one does not know what the outcome will be. As of now the Japan stock markets are taking a major hit which is and will affect the world market for many days to come.

If one would speculate, with the recent development in the Far East this will probably be the main news item that will stir up the financial markets in general and the oil markets in particular. But on the other hand the effect of the Libyan turmoil has on crude oil prices will continue to subside as other OPEC members pick up Libya’s oil production and increase theirs and by doing so reduce the pressure of the oil prices to further increase the stocks or inventory.

Thus the crude oil prices might continue to drop as the day will progress. So it will be a challenge to and very interesting to see what the outcome of the stock market will be over the next few weeks. I know I will be watching the stock market closely to see which way it will go.