toolsThere are many reasons we might need to do soil sampling or testing. Possibly because of a government requirement before getting a permit for a business or for your own personal use to know what is in your soil so you know what fertilizer is best or needed in your soil. For many this is done on a regular bases to get an accurate chart of the soil.

To do this you will either need to hire a company or firm that has experience in this area. Or if you have knowledge in soil sampling and testing you could purchase your very own tools for soil sampling and save a lot of money in hiring someone to do this for you.

With all the resent advancements in tools and supplies for soil testing it has become easier for anyone to complete this on their own and at a greatly reduced cost. There is even tools and equipment that is made for sub-slab soil-gas sampling that can be installed as a permanent device made to allow you to draw gas samples from under concrete slabs without tearing up the cement every time you need to test. This can save you time and money and is a great way to keep the beauty of your cement slab.

These devices help with reducing the potential for leaks during sample collection, improving sample quality, they have a built-in disposable seal that eliminates the need for grout, increasing productivity. Also this new system reduces sampling time allowing collection of more samples for less cost, and thus provides a better understanding of site conditions. It is reusable so your investment is reduced in many ways.

Now we all can test our soil and help keep the environment safe and clean by the use of all the new tools for soil sampling that are available to us at a very affordable prices.