Yesterday is the longest day of the year here in United States and the first day of summer. But it was not a good start of summer for the reason that we have storm yesterday here in Michigan. We have strong wind, heavy rain, hail and water in the street and falling trees all over here in west Michigan area. We did have sunshine at first but I think it is about 4:30 PM that the storm started. My mother in-law that went to her sister yesterday said that it was not good day for driven.

She said it was a mess in the road with water from the hard rain, falling trees from the strong wind and hail but good the good thing that we stay home yesterday. We have company that visited us yesterday that is why we stay home. I heard in the news that there are people that don’t have power and internet because of the said storm yesterday. Glad that we only have storms but not tornado’s.

Even though we start with storm during the first day of summer but we are still hoping that still we have good weather for the rest of the summer so that we can enjoy the warm weather and outdoor activities this season. I know lots of people are excited for their vacation and outdoor activities but we will not be pleased if the weather does not cooperate. Have a good time friends and readers to your summer plan. We are hoping for the best weather so that we can enjoy and have fun in our summer time activities.