Give your bathroom the same attention as the rest of the house. There’s no rule that you must have white laminate shelving in the bathroom. An elegant piece of furniture can look great and be functional. Display only a few attractive and useful items, piles of pristinely folded towels, a scented candle, luxurious soaps, sea sponges in apothecary jars and ceramic dishes or silver cups.

* Divide and conquer. To prevent clutter from spilling onto open shelves. I would rather have own toiletry container that can be hidden away in the cabinet.
* Set the mood. A plant such as a fern or an orchid will thrive in the bathroom’s humidity, creating tranquil rain forest feeling and adding a touch of natural beauty. It is nice to have small lamp in the bathroom, it gives a nice ambiance at night and allows you to illuminate a beautiful display rather than the entire room.