Have you heard and read the news yesterday and today? By the time I heard and read this news I have my ghost bumps and tears in my eyes because God really hears and answers prayers and cries of the people. This is a one of the happiest news that I ever heard and read in the history. So many people are happy and celebrating the death of the public enemy number which is Osama Bin Laden.

This is victory of the all people that at last Osama Bin Laden’s wickedness at some point has ended. He doesn’t have the place in any heart of the people because many families have wept and dreams have shattered because the lost of their love ones during the 9-11 attack. Ever since that happen it affects a lot of things in the USA, the war, the economy, the increase prices of gasoline and many other things .

Osama Bin Laden’s death the public enemy number one creates a crowd in New York City outside The World Trade Center. As you can see and read in the news the New Yorkers celebrates and happy of his lost this relieves the pain that resides the heart and for a long time and looking for justice because of the lost of their love ones. This is like a nail that has been there for a long time and pain is constant but at this moment of time was taken away even though they can still see the scars that have left on that tragedy but at least at the some point there is relief and justice.

This Bin Laden’s death give us hope again and opportunity to those people that live with anguish is now happy. Now we can hear the cheers and tears of the people that had been relief for that 9/11 tragedy. Thankful for the people who contribute their time and effort to have our freedom back and those who fight for our freedom they are the one who should take credit of the American victory.