Dentist nobody like to go them but sometime we have or we need too. I have a dentist appointment yesterday.I have a gap between the tooth and the gum and when the tooth shifts the whole gets bigger between the tooth and the gum. That is why it is pain when I drink or eat cold food, it is cold sensitive. I just fixed my teeth last January of this year in the Philippines. I have four fillings and one crown it just cost like almost $250 in the Philippines. Here in the US, it like triple the amount or more than triple, it is good that we have dental insurance this year.

When I arrived here I have a lot of problem in my teeth. I have two root canals that has done here and it cost almost $2,000. It’s a lot of money that we put into my teeth and we don’t have dental insurance before. We need to take care of our teeth, if we have nice and good the teeth we have beautiful smiles and it will add attraction to our looks. The healthier the teeth the healthier the health too. We need to brush our teeth three times a day and we have to floss everyday even just once a day to get rid of the tartar. If we have this healthy habits we can save our money in going to the dentist.