We have so many good desires and dreams in life and those desires can only be achieve if we put this desires into actions. A desire is what dictates our priorities, priorities will shape our choices and choices determine our action. Action is the requirement to meet our desires and dreams.

Human in nature we have the tendency of losing our desire because we keep procrastinating of pursuing our desire. If this happens we have to push yourself to do it and follow our desire right away and take action so that you can get where you wanted to be.

Discouragement and frustrations comes when we have a desire to do something especially when we have good desire. This is to test and try us how serious and true we are to our dreams and desires in life. Also if we lose our desire we can still develop it again and try hard to motivate our self to do it again until you achieve it. Never give up. Keep trying until we succeed.

Desire is the first steps of having the possibility of accomplishing our dreams or goals. Desires also encourage us to do even though things are tough or sometimes unreachable. But because you have the desire or you want it, you will do it even if whatever it takes and outcome will be. Don’t be shy and show it to the world that you can do it.