Watching TV and Computers is fun to do, but these are some reasons why we are gaining weight and have sickness. Most of us we love to watch TV and at the same time eating high calorie food and drinks. We love to do this because it is so relaxing but did you know this causes health issues as well. It is not the watching TV that a cause to this. It is because you’re body doesn’t burn the calories that you are eating while watching TV and this cause your body to gain weight.

Also always on the computers all the time can causes health issues as well. I heard this from a lot of people that too much on the computer causes headache. Usually we eat while working on the computer this is not good habit to practice. We wonder why we gain weight that is because we don’t watch what we do or what we eat.

I heard some complaints from people that work online that they are having this headache and gaining weight symptoms that is because we need to find time to relax and get out of the computer once a while. We can take for a walk, let your blood circulate and eat healthy foods as well. You don’t need to eat all time especially when we are bored.

That is why diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure are mostly the sickness of the people today. The reason for that is we don’t take good care of our health by eating junk foods and being lazy. We need to take time to exercise once a day even just for 15 to 30 minutes, eat on time and eat healthy food. Our health is the only wealth we can have to be able to achieve our goals and dreams in life so we need to take good care of them.