I watch this video that my cousin who did share me through Facebook and I was impressed of this smart ideas.  I admire to those people that has creative mind and that has really a brilliant ideas that they can share to people to be able to save. I salute to this people and they blew me away how they think and how smart they are and they have such talent and what a great invention.

Imagine you can get free electricity to this invention and some part of Manila, Philippines has done this already. And this really helps people a lot especially to those that don’t have enough income to survive instead of paying their money to electricity they can buy food instead or necessary needs in their life. This device can install in your house easily in less than an hour in just a little cost.

This is a nice way of thinking to have an alternative source of living and this will help many people to get ahead of life in our survival or sustainable time and without depending to those big company that making millions of money. I want to congratulate to the one who invented this. This is surely help to those people that they don’t have enough budget.

It is really cool to know that we have somebody that has a smart idea that they can share to others and benefited too many people and the country as well. I grew up in the Philippines I can feel and understand how hard life is over there and this ideas will really help big time especially to those people that are struggling to survive.

This really best alternative to have free or save electricity and without a monthly electric bill payment. A cool idea and I would like to share this in my websites so that can get an idea too on how to get a free energy or electricity in just a bottle, water and bleach. This new inventions is very simple but it genius and help a lot of people.