We all know that eating is what contributes to our health and as well as our health issues. And we also know that overweight people may be more susceptible to variety of disease such as diabetes, blood pressure, arthritis, gout’s, liver disorders etc.

If we are not mindful of our health it will definitely result of being fat. Fatness is caused when you consume more food than is required by the body for its activities. There are other factors also which influences weight gain or loss e.g. genetics, emotional make up, diseases etc.

Some of the actions you can take are:

– You can cut down on calorie-rich food such as sugar & fats.

– Keep protein level high by using non-fatty foods like fish, chicken & skimmed milk

– Use vegetables freely as they provide satisfaction and bulk without injecting too many calories. They also supply vitamins and minerals. Do not eat fried vegetables. Either bake them or boil them.

– Green leafy vegetables are also useful in getting many micro nutrients without adding calories to your diet.

– Avoid salt if you are suffering from high blood pressure.

I bit everybody wants to get healthy, active or in shape but on how to achieve it is easy if just follow and watch our diet carefully. We need to consider not eating that food that we know or unknowingly destroy our body.

Specific foods which may be avoided drastically are:

– Butter

– Cheese

– Chocolate

– Ice-cream

– Fried foods

– High carbohydrate foods such as bread, cookies, candy etc.

– Honey, sugar

– Alcoholic drinks

Exercise is one area which you can consider to reduce your weight and acquire fitness. Walking is one of the best exercises one can begin at any time without any strains. A walk for one hour requires the energy given by one banana. It may be easier to avoid one banana if you want to reduce weight. For me we can still eat the food that being avoided to us however we will eat this in moderation.