As the republican’s and the democrat try to come to a budget agreement, the rest of the United States fears a government shutdown. As many people know that this will affect 800,000 federal employees, what people do not realize is that a government shutdown would also affect many others around the United States.

Among those affected are the front desk clerks and employees at an National Park just as they are gearing up for the busy tourist season. This will affect any company that supplies goods and services to the federal government, it would affect many bank loan officers that work for the Federal Housing Administration and it would also affect the wages to the men and woman that are fighting in the armed forces.This is just to name a few that this would affect.

When the government shut down for 20 days in late 1995, the nation’s economic growth was slowed by as much as a full percentage point in that quarter. What will happen in today’s fragile economy if the Federal Government takes a turn and shuts down? The uncertainty is on everyone’s mind and many United States citizens are calling for a wage decrease for the federal government works to help with balancing the budget.

Then they too could understand how hard it is to live on less than $100,000 a year salary. What will happen, we will have to wait and see. But no matter how you look at things the United States has a budget defecate that needs to be resolved.