9477108-breast-cancer-awareness-women-joining-hands-for-supportWe will prevent the cancer if we can, prevention is better than cure. Women globally celebrate the month of October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month and support each other to fight back against breast cancer. As we all know that many women had been diagnosed with this breast cancer and we need to prevent before it damage to the life of most women in the world.

Eating healthy is one way to help and fight this devastating and destroying cancer to the human body. There are also ways to detect if you have breast cancer in your body and these are some of the symptoms that I have stumble from reading about breast cancer.

Self examination and understand the symptoms and signs is one way to know and detect the cancer signs earlier and watch out for yourself and you can consult your doctor if need be, to be prevent from happening to most women.

Easy to detect lumps and mass when you are on the shower you can put your hand behind your head and press fingers of your left hand on your right breast and if you feel any lump or thickening that is one of the symptoms and you can do it both side of your breast.

Also while you are lying down, place a pillow under your right shoulder and put your right hand behind your head and check if there are any unusual lumps or mass you feel and do it in a circular motion towards the nipple, you can check both side of your breast and your armpit as well.

You can look at the mirror, you can see or feel it at your arm sides and grasp them behind your head and if your feel any irregularity of your breast such as dimpling, scaling and puckering then you need to consult and see a doctor especially if there is a discharge from your breast.

As breast awareness month we have to remind to all women out there to eat healthy as possible and exercise regularly to prevent from a breast or any cancer diagnoses. We can all do this and pray that we can all survive on whatever health and any challenges we face every day.