Working longer hours is not good for our health. We like longer hours in order to make more money. Some of us did not know how this affects our body, our thinking is only how to provide food, shelter and other things to our family. Later on we will suffer from health issues if we keep working longer hours.

The World Health Organization WHO reported that working long hours killing hundreds of thousands of people every year is a worsening trend and the numbers keep increasing especially with this COVID – 19 pandemic based on their study conducted, it increased 30 percent in a year.

It is really not smart to keep working longer hours during this pandemic. As the World Health Organization showed, it is mostly people living in Southeast Asia and Western Pacific region which include Japan, China and Australia that are most affected by it. The studies showed that 745,000 people died from heart disease and stroke and most of these health diseases contribute by working longer hours.

Working more hours is not advisable, especially if you work 55 hours a week is a serious health hazard. If you feel okay at this moment working longer hours, you have to remember it might affect you later on in your life.The advisable working hours are only 35 to 40 hours per week, working longer than this is not good for your health and it might affect later.

Also, study shows working remotely in longer hours and the economic slowdown resulting from the corona virus emergency may increase the death risk that we are having. Take it easy and not work long hours if you can and if you do, you need to take a break and relax. Health is wealth and money is not everything. Don’t beat yourself up, life is too short and don’t forget to enjoy life once in a while.