Family Savings Tips

* Keep Your Closet Organized – People overbuy things, they already have it but can’t find, its a waste of money. Make sure you are aware of things you own so that you will not buy double. Make used of what you have.

* Examine Your Bills – Look at your bills when it comes in at the end of the month and see what services you are being charged for versus what services you used. We experienced this already we are overcharged because we don’t usually checked it but now we learned a lesson, so we need to examine our bills.

* Keep A Change Jar – Every penny adds up. Think of its as a tax you pay to yourself every time you are spending money. My husband are doing this and I just learned this from him. It works if we run out of money in case of emergency and we need money at least we have money in our jar.

* Stock Up On Sale – If your family must-haves, make sure you keep them in the house and buy them in bulk on sale to save. Me and my husband when we do groceries if we find on sale and it is the things that we need we buy extra so that we can save the next time we need it and using coupons too it will save us more.

* Reduce Your Heating Cost – Turn your heat down when you are not home, even for the day. And if it is sunny in the cooler months, open the blinds to let the sun in to warm things up. Especially winter is coming and the gas high and all things are high right now.

* Make Your Products Work Harder – Look for beauty products that combine multiple benefits. You can replace three bottles with one and get the same great results for less. Use tinted facial moisturizer with SPF to combine your moisturizer, sunscreen and foundation.

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