Ideally, we want our doctors to be kind, smart, compassionate, inexpensive and to quickly diagnose us and of course cure our health problems. Sometimes this is the case. In reality, there are times when your doctor may not able to “cure” you. The best he or she may be able to do is to minimize symptoms, optimize your health as best as possible or make you more comfortable given a particular condition. A great doctor is your partner in wellness, working with you to explore the situation, get the best possible diagnosis, explore treatments, fine tune treatments as necessary, working in partnership with you.

A great doctor is one who is your partner, treats you with courtesy and respect, listens to you and incorporates you into the decision making process.

Remember, of course, that a great doctor won’t be perfect doctor. A great doctor may have almost every quality you want, but a bit more costly than you’d like. Or may run late and keep you waiting. Or be so popular that there’s four month waiting list for routine appointments. You can’t expect perfection! But do expect a doctor who will make his or her best effort on your behalf. You and your health deserve it!