Make You Look Great!

* Keep suits and twin sets looking new – Even if you wear one piece more than the other always wash or dry clean both the jacket and the pants ( or the shell and cardigan) together. That way, the fabric wears evenly and the colors stay matched.

* Save your damaged denim – Have a favorite pair of jeans that’s ripped at the knees. A tailor can turn them into a fun, a spring or summer perfect skirt, by removing inner seams and constructing the front. Just tell him or her your desired skirt length.

* Wear your boots – Hollywood celebrities love showing off their cowboy boots and ankle booties all year long. To keep them look fresh for warm weather, wear your skirts and dresses in lightweight fabrics and skip the tights. Instead of hose, slips on a pair of thin cotton socks that are just tall enough to protect your feet, but not enough to peek out!

* Do instant quality check – When you are trying on a blouse or a jacket, left up the arms and take a look at the “stress seams” areas where the clothing will show the most wear. If you are trying on a skirt, bend at the knees and check the side seams. If the stitching looks uneven or if you see any loosening or puckering, put it back, its likely to rip over time.

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