Most every one of us wants to live and enjoy in this earthly life. We can only live and enjoy life when we are healthy.  Even if you have money you will not be completely happy if you are not in good health. So we need to know the ways and ideas on how to obtain healthy life style in order to stay fit and has a long life.

In our generations of time it is very rare that we can reach to the age of 80’s or 90’s or even 60’s because of our unhealthy ways of life but there are still a few who can still reach this age. These are the people that try to follow and live a healthy lifestyle.

Life longevity is achievable once we discipline ourselves especially when it comes to eating, exercising and have enough rest that our body requires. We have to follow what is required and needful to our body. If not we will suffer the consequences of what we do to our body.

The number one is we need to eat healthy such as fish, fruits, vegetables, less meat and carbohydrates.  No junk foods.

Find time to exercise even just 10 to 15 minutes a day. Talk a brisk walk to circulate that help circulate the blood flow.

Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water every day. No soft drinks or soda.

We need to have enough rest that our body needs. Don’t overdo works or too much time in the computers.

A healthy lifestyle is very simple to follow but we tend not to follow because most everybody is doing it and nowadays we are around with unhealthy food and processed foods that ready to cook and easy ways of eating. Many fast food and restaurants that cook unhealthy or too much food. Also we don’t have to time exercise and our reasons that we are busy working overtime or doing something not really important than our body.

We have this mentality or thoughts that soft drinks and soda are more satisfying than water. We are lazy to walk, using car, escalator or elevator are most convenient than walking. These are some of the things that will hinder us from achieving healthy lifestyle that will leads us to diseases or sickness such us obesity, diabetes, hypertension and many other sickness that are existing in our time.

Our life longevity this depends on us and still attainable in our time only if we practice the old and simple ways of life. Cook healthy food all the time and take care of our body and by not partaking harmful and toxic food in our body or ruining into addictive substances that exist in our time.