32This is really interesting quote but this is true and reality in life. You have to give up something in order to get something. You cannot serve two masters at the same time, you only have one choice.

In this life even how rich or famous you are cannot have everything you want. Even the richest people of this whole universe, if you asked them, they don’t have everything they want or like.

They do have money but there is still something lacking in their life but we don’t know about. I know for sure that no one in this whole earth that has a perfect life. We have always two choices you can be either good or bad, regret or rejoice but the choice is ours to make. We need to remember and ponder though we have freedom of choice but we have always consequences in our choices. That is why we need to choose wisely so that we will not regret after our unwise decision or unwise choices.

We all have unwise decision or choices but we need to make it right as soon as possible and learn from our mistakes and don’t do it again. Sometimes we also missed some of the opportunities for some reason but don’t worry there is always better and good opportunity awaits us. We just keep trying and have patience in life. Life will get better if we have patience and just keep moving forward in spite of what challenges that life offers.

Our life and our future will always depends on us on how our outlook towards life. We can either regret or rejoice but our choice is ours to make. We cannot blame others of what are situations will be or what we are now and in the future. We have brain to think and decide what is best and what is right for us. You don’t have room for regret if you know how to make a choice.