We all know that health is very important in our life. We are not happy and can’t do anything if we are not in the best of health. Why there are many sicknesses that are around in our time? There are so many reasons and answers to this but one factor is our ways of eating. We need to have the knowledge of what foods are good to our body and which is not.

The more we have the knowledge and understanding on the food we eat that affects our health the more we are watchful and conscious of what we are eating. We have to understand that our food turns into fats and moderate amounts of body fat don’t compromise our health. However the excess of fat is the one carries greater health risk especially that fats above your hips and the fats below the hips.

Eating too much is not healthy at all. This most likely causes abdominal obesity. Do you know that abdominal obesity is the reasons and causes of the greatly increases the risk of developing health problems like diabetes, heart disease, high blood or hypertension, stroke, sleep apnea, arthritis and some cancers.

What we need to do avoid this happening to us? The one answer to this is to watch our eating. We need to avoid fat or limit fats or high fat foods, sugar, soda and alcohol. As much as possible eat three sensible meals daily with adequate fruit and vegetables. Also get active and exercise daily helps to burn your fats faster. Doing this simple things can really helps us feel and look better. We just need a little bit of discipline and control of our eating habits but surely helps if we follow.