To all my friends and followers I would like to take this moment to explain the problems I have had with 000WebHosting and I why I do not recommend using their hosting packages or their service. Recently my website has been down a lot lately and not accessible by the world wide web. The problem started when 000WebHosting started having problems with their server that hosted my website. I finally was able after complaining for days to get them to move my site to a newer server. I though my problems where solved.

Then the following week my website went down again. I after many attempts was able to login to my websites control panel only to see that they shut down the server that hosted my site do to what they say where hacker attacks on their system. When I tried to backup my website and the SQL data all I received was error messages. This was making me very upset for many reasons. First I could loose all my data and the files to my website. Second I was loosing ranking everyday my website was offline.

The list goes on from there. I again tried contacting their technical support, which is also very poor because you can not even call them. The only option for communication is by email, which I sent an email right away. What I found is they do not even read the emails, they reply with a generic response telling me the system is working fine and to try backing up my files again. Or you can upgrade for a fee to the next level of support and we will look into the problem more.

Now why would anybody in there right mind pay to upgrade to the next level when they can not even keep the system running or have technical support that actually new what they where doing. So now I was at a deli-ma of what to do. So I finally contacted a friend of mine at for assistance. We worked together for days going in and backing up each file manually and exporting the SQL data line by line. Not very fun, but a good learning experience.

Then we took all the information and moved the website to a new hosting provider and imported all the data. But as you can see I was forced to rebuild to a new layout and design. Then I needed to change my nameserver to point to the new hosting provider before the site was backup and online. Which I found out that this is easy to do, but the DNS change will take up to 48 hours to complete. So I wait….

And now if you are reading this can see the new website is up and running. Yet I am still making changes and adjustments to include the newest information and not loose any of my friends or links. I hope you will not look at this temporary down time of in a negative way and return as my friends and guests on a regular bases. Also I hope you are not using 000WebHosting as your hosting provider for you will someday regret it like I did.