We know that health is very important in our life, when we have health issues this will give a lot problem in our day to day living. This will cost money, time and not feeling well is a pain also. But how can we improve our health if we don’t take care of it. We need to take care of our body because we only have one body for the rest of our lives.

Listen to the news yesterday and they said that study found out that even ten or fifteen minutes of exercise a day this will give you a good benefit of your health and give your heart a boost and allowing your body to start feeling better. If we listen to this health expert we will be amaze how our body feels   and much better and healthier.

Take a lot of courage and discipline to follow the health expert and even just a ten or fifteen minutes of our time to do an exercise this is sometimes hard for us if we are not use to it. We are lazy to do it or we just take it for granted if we still healthy for this moment of time or at our younger age.

We just don’t realize how much health is important until we will diagnose with sickness or any of the diseases. Then that is the time we value our health more and sometimes it is too late to recover already. Most of our health is the result of what we have been doing with our body or the way we eat unless we were born with the genetic diseases.

The older we are the more aches, pain or sickness had been diagnose to us and that is the time we get started to realize that we don’t take care our body very well while we are at our younger age. My advice to my readers and myself as well that we should take our body they way it should be. We need to eat healthy food and give time or set aside time to exercise even a little bit in order to get healthy and live happily.