If you drive then you are at risk of speeding and getting caught. Now I do not promote speeding, but how fast you drive is your own business. You and only you will reap the consequences if you get caught in a speed trap.

What many new drivers do not know is getting a speeding ticket will raise your insurance rates and if you get to many your insurance provider may even drop your coverage. So what can we all do in this fast pace world? What many do is use a radar detector to warn them of speed traps that police have setup ahead of you when driving. This may give you time to slow down before you get to where the police are watching for drivers that are speeding.

So what are some of the best radar detectors available in today’s market? Well after looking at the reviews the top four are listed below from highest to lowest and are available at http://www.bestradardetectors.net/today.

• The Escort 9500ix – Which is available for around $499.95
• The Escort Redline – Which is available for around $499.95
• The Beltronics PRO-300 – Which is available for around $299.95
• The Whistler XTR-695SE – Which is available for around $169.95

If you are going to buy a radar detector, you need to make sure you get something that is actually going to alert you at the right times and in enough time for you to slow down without annoying you with false alarms. Remember be safe when you drive, it could be yours or someone else’s life at stake.