Currently, Google continues to strive to minimize the circulation of counterfeit goods by stopping cooperation with the   suspicious party advertisers.

According to Senior Vice President and General Counsel Kent Walker Google, along with the development of the Internet,  sales efforts fake goods online also increased. He also added, in the last six months in 2010, Google has closed  approximately 50 thousand AdWords account for trying to advertise counterfeit goods.

Google also confirmed to work more closely with brand owners to identify counterfeit goods and will expel them from the AdSense program.

Google also has prepared a series of sophisticated automated tools that can analyze thousands of signals in each of the ads and help prevent the emergence of counterfeit goods.

According to him, counterfeit goods is not only bad for the brand owner, but also for users who are at risk buying low quality products without their knowledge. It’s also bad for Google, “concludes Walker.