VegetablesHave you noticed yourself that if you eat healthy foods you feel better as well? Our health is very important we can’t function and think well if our health is not in good condition. Our health condition depends on our lifestyle and how we eat and what we eat each day.

We are surrounded with unhealthy foods each day and it is our choice if we will eat them and not feeling good or eat healthy foods and feel better. Always remember that whatever we put in our mouth or in our body is the results of what we feel. We need to take care ourselves if we want to feel better all the time.

 Controlling ourselves from eating unhealthy foods sometimes is a struggle especially when we are addicted to it, such as soft drinks, cake, ice cream, chocolate and many others. We all heard and know that those foods that we have mention are not good for our body especially if it is too much.

We have so many diseases that are exist nowadays such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, cancer and many others because of our unhealthy lifestyle. But did you know that our diseases are mostly causes by what we are eating and what we are doing with our body.    

If we want to feel better we have to watch what we eat, also too much sugar, fats and carbohydrates affects our health drastically. Healthy foods are the best depends against sickness or illnesses, fresh fruits, vegetables and meat are recommended to feel better each day.