Many people who travel and many over the road truck drivers make use of fuel cards to save on carrying cash around. This is done for safety by business as well as for our own personal safety.

This is why the UK has now made the fuel cards available at very affordable rates for all business fleet owners or anyone that uses fuel cards for security reasons. Some of European’s fuel cards are even available for free and can access over 6,000 sites in 17 European countries. Their UTA Full SELECT Fuel Card is great for emergency breakdowns or even for service or repair. The only catch is that the free card has a minimum monthly spending per account of £300.

Also they have a DKV Fuel card that will access over 30,000 sites in 40 European countries. This card can be used to pay tolls, tunnel charges and even ferry charges. It also has a 14 day invoicing system and upon request international sites can be made available for your use.

Take a look today so you too can see how fuel cards can help your fleet of vehicles while they are traveling around Europe.