Most of our problem when we age is our body figure, we have hard time controlling it and it is difficult to maintain into the right vital statistic that is in the healthy figure or range. Our figure and health conditions this depends to us on how we manage ourselves. There are so many ways that we can do this only if we really follow and stick to it.

First we have to discipline ourselves on what to eat – if we eat healthy foods of course we expect healthy results. We have to control ourselves of not eating junk foods or unhealthy foods that would destroy our figure or our healthy body. We have to think this way is that what we put into our mouth is what we become. Eat healthy in order to feel healthy all the time. So disciplining ourselves on what we eat each day is very important.

Second is we need to give time to exercise daily even 10 to 20 minutes a day – to let your body moves in order circulates and help our body regulates its functions well. If we do exercise we let our toxin out of our body by sweating it out. We feel much better if we do exercise every day, when we feel not doing it push yourselves or motivates yourselves to do it and then this will become a habit.

Third is we need to drink 8 to glasses of water each day – most of us doesn’t like to drink water for the reason that is there is no taste unto it but water help the body to flush the toxin out and it helps regulates our bowel movement. Soda’s or soft drinks is the most problem to people, this is not a replacement to water and this is not good for our body because of the chemical or what’s on it.

Fourth is we need exact rest that body requires – our body need the exact rest in order not to get run down. Over work and thinking makes our body rundown this causes stress and illnesses. Also, I read an article that stress can be one of a causes if weight gain as well. We need to find the in between and need to relax when it needs be. Remember that we only have one body and our health is very important than everybody else.

If we want to stay healthy and good looking figure we have to follow all of the good things that contributes our health and appearance. Sometimes it is very difficult but if we make it as a habit it will just comes to us naturally. I am not a health professional but I just learned this through experience and through much reading. Health is our best wealth and we need to take care of it.

Summer is the best time of year that we can stay active and sweat it out whatever toxin that we have in our body. We can do jogging, walking, running, bicycling, exercise and many others that would help control our body figure and stay healthy and fit.  I know it is quiet difficult to loss our weight and be healthy at first but we just need to motivate ourselves to do what is right for our health in order to achieve the figure and health that we are aiming for.