Men and women no matter where you are at times have issues with drug addiction and may not even realize it until someone says something. I have been told that it happens more often than people want to admit too. This is also where the Florida drug rehab center called the Hanley Center to help. They have been able to help many overcome drug addiction in a pleasant, calm and friendly atmosphere.

The Hanley Center and their staff have over twenty years of experience in helping individual with drug and alcohol addiction recovery or any type of addiction. All in a friendly and confidential manner, it does not matter your gender or your age the Hanley Center has programs especially designed for baby boomers and older adults.

Their staff is highly trained and specializes in the treatment for almost any type of addiction. It does not matter if it is for alcohol, drug or any other kind of substance abuse recovery. There facility and staff includes medically managed detoxification, psychiatric and psychological services, residential treatment, family treatment, outpatient treatment and day treatment all with a two year follow up after treatment.

The Hanley Center is here to help in a confidential manor with more than twenty years experience with helping individuals over come addictions. So if you need some help you might consider using their services and make a clean, successful recovery to a better life.