Have you read the self help book called “The Pledge” written by Michael Masterson? The book gives information about setting goals and organizing your day to make it more productive. It also gives advice about increasing your productivity, avoiding depression, getting out of a rut, getting away from being an information junkie, etc. I would have to say it was well written and worth the time to read.

Michael Masterson is a well known Wall Street Journal author and has published many best sellers for them. He has recently started an online newsletter called “Early To Rise”. This newsletter was created to help each and every one of us with self help tips, online money making tips, goal setting, success secrets and healthier living advice.

In the Early To Rise newsletter Michael Masterson will give step by step advice on starting your own business, how to make it grow and succeed in the market today. Michael teaches how we need to change are way of thinking so we will succeed and become a multimillionaire. He also explains how our hormones and testosterone plays a part in our everyday life and our success. You get his no-holds-barred advice on marketing, entrepreneurship, publishing, investing, politics, alternative medicine, personal success, and much, much, more.

With in the Early To Rise newsletters you will also find ways to take your failures and turn them into success. How to use them as a learning experience and improve or change the way you function to become successful and profitable in your business.

This is all in the mindset of each and every one of us. We to can succeed if we change our way of thinking and the way we do business. Challenges are only a stepping stone in the way of life and if used properly we will be able to overcome these challenges and use them to our advantage.

I hope you will take the time to join the “Early To Rise” newsletter, watch the video I have shown here. It will be well worth your time and help you to become a better person in the future.