In the Philippines people light fireworks, loud firecrackers, booming sound system, bamboo canons as well as make a lot of noise. Coins are also jumbled in tin cans to make noise with the belief that this will bring more money to the revelers. I just remember that we do this with my family before. I just missed having New Year’s Day to my family over there. There is a lot of parties when it’s New Year over there. We have what we called Noche Buena ( meaning Good Night) if am not wrong we prepare a lots of food and we gathered and pray together and ate at 12:00 a.m. to welcome the New Year. Even though I missed my Filipino traditions I’m still happy and I am grateful for all the blessings and of course I am happy to be with my husband and his families here. We have parties here too and Ball Drop here in Michigan this is the first year that we have a Ball Drop here in Michigan usually we just watch on TV for the Ball Drop and count down in New York. I am so thankful up above for all the blessings He give to us through out the year 2008. I hope and pray that we will have a Wonderful and Prosperous New Year 2009. To all my friends, families,visitors and everybody wish you a Happy New Year!!!