* Place flowers on a windowsill that offers medium to bright light, depending on what your orchid prefers.
* Orchids grow in bark mix or sphagnum moss. Allow the pot to dry totally before each watering, every week or so. Test with the finger when it’s dry an inch below the surface, water thoroughly in the sink and allow to drain completely.
* Feed using diluted flowering plant food. Read the package directions for fertilizing instructions.

Types of Orchids :
Phalaenopsis or moth orchid: white, pink, red or yellow flowers, bloom for months – needs medium light.
Dendrobium (picture) : white, green, yellow or maroon, flora last for six to eight weeks – requires bright light.
Oncidium or dancing lady: yellow, speckled blossoms that thrive for four to six weeks – does well in bright light.

Banish winter doldrums with a pretty orchid. Don’t let the exotic look fool you, orchids can be easy to grow.