The economy in the United States and around the world has hit record lows and has affected each and every one of us in some way or another. You may have lost your job due to corporate downsizing, or you may have lost your job because the local business where you worked had to cut back because they could not compete with the big corporate companies. Or your favorite local business that you loved to have breakfast, lunch or dinner at just closed because they just couldn’t get enough business to stay open.

Does this sound familiar? I am sure this is something you have seen and been affected by. This is why a website called was created. They are trying to promote people all over to shop local and support their mom and pop stores or restaurants. This will not only strengthen your local community it will help the growth of the economy one small business at a time.

WhoDuz is completely free to use both for individuals and for the small business. Within their website if you are looking for a small business to support in your area for shopping or to take your family out for dinner you can browse or search by both state or by category. This way you can find the local business that has what you need quick and in one location.

If you consider yourself and your business to be a small local business then you should take the time to visit WhoDuz to submit your small business to them to help generate more customers. It is completely free to use, no credit checks, contracts or membership fees and you will get free advertising to bring in the local people so you can show them in person why they should come back over and over again.

The growth of the small businesses is necessary for our economy to grow and survive. It is what made the United States the strong and we need to remember that the local business are here for you not for the corporate world.