Reading the news makes me feel sad that many people have lost their homes, loves one and properties from the devastating tornado’s that happen in Midwest. We cannot really know when the disasters or a calamity comes. We just need to be prepared and I’m grateful that it doesn’t happen to our place and pray for the people that are affected by it.

This makes me thinks that materials things are not really important because all this things will vanish when calamities happens. What really matters is our family and our attitude towards others. We also need to prepare important things that we can use and make us survive during calamities and disasters like this.

We need to know how to rescue ourselves and our families during this kind of calamities or any disasters and calamities that we will encounter during our lifetime. We usually get panic or nervous when calamities come and that is the worst thing or attitude that we don’t need to do.

We need to stay calm and find ways to protect yourselves and find place that make you safe. During tornado’s we are usually advice to stay on your basement or if you don’t have basement stay in the middle room or lay in the bathtub and cover yourself from falling things like glass or any hard stuff.

I know that it is not easy when you are the victim of the calamities and it is really hard to get back if we lost our homes, things and love ones. But we just need to keep strong and have faith that we can still move on and find ways to survive and back our feet again.