If you are a mechanic or an automobile enthusiast then you know the importance of a high pressure oil pump for your engine. The oil pump is like the heart of your engine. Without good oil pressure your engine will become weak and eventually fail.

This is why Ford has designed a special line of high pressure oil pumps or also known as injector pumps to give your engine the flow of oil, this needs to lubricate properly. They also recommend that if you own a Diesel 6.0L and 7.3L Powerstroke engine you should consider using one of these specially designed high pressure oil pumps because these engines are usually located in trucks that are used for hauling or towing large loads. This means your engine is worked harder and needs more pressure to assure all is being lubricated properly.

I also know that preventive maintenance is always much cheaper than waiting until something breaks. This is why I am going to take advantage of upgrading my injector pump before my engine gets weak and fails. For more information feel free to follow one of the links above to see if they have a high pressure oil pump for your engine and keep your vehicle running right for a long time.