I just wondering what happened with the Entrecard, it’s been four days that they are out of service. They don’t even give noticed to bloggers that are using their services if they will shut down or send out an email to let us know what’s happening.

I just thought that I have problem loading with their sites but I checked other sites I have noticed that it’s the same thing EC widget is not working anymore. Only a few bloggers has blogging about this issues and they don’t even know the reason either why they are out of service for this long.

The good thing about Entrecard is 100% free and if you have the budget you can advertise through them as low as $10 dollars if you don’t want the hassle of dropping to earn the points. You can use your points to advertise your blogs or sites and you can start networking with other bloggers or other websites.

I think we will just wait and see if they are still in service or when they will be back online. I’m sure some bloggers will notice this sooner or later. Hope Entrecard will stay in their service, even though some bloggers doesn’t like it for the reason that it is time consuming dropping but still helps to get traffic.