We all know that America is facing crisis right now and I think not only the USA but most of the world. But we are all having hope for the better future in our economy. I know many people say it will become worse before it will get better. We are all struggling with our lives right now because of the high gas prices and many people don’t have jobs or lost their jobs.

The US President Obama’s had said we need to work to help create jobs and strengthen economy. He’s counting on Americans so we can make further progress to put Americans back to work and create sustainable economic growth for the future. This is really a challenge for all the Americans to work together to help the economy back.

I don’t get involve much in politics but I just hearing and reading this stuff but we are just hoping that everything will get better in the future.  I just heard this from the news that the US government just making some cut backs of some of the expenses so that we can lower the deficit that US had.

I know that there are many houses that I noticed and as we can see here in Michigan are empty because people are not able to pay their mortgage because they have lost their job and they lost their house as well. This is very sad and we need to find ways to get over this economic crisis that we have been facing. We are all hoping and looking forward that what’s there plan will work for the better future for everyone.