Search Engine Optimization is the key to your success when you have internet business. This is not new to the expert Webmasters they know that Google has plays an important rules when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. Google gives excellent ideas to the webmaster on how to get traffic and more visits to their websites. Google is the known to be a high up when it comes to Search Engine Optimization because they are the one who bring most of your visitors through searches.

As internet business owners when you have a websites or blog you need to create useful information to your readers that your readers and your visitors would understand it clearly and provide accurate information. Make it sure that you have a clear hierarchy in your website this would make every page of your site will be easy to extend or contact through a static text link.

Google encourage using text rather than images. This helps to convey more messages and important information on each page. Important to remember that search engines does not recognize image or not characters. They only recognize text characters, when you have images must be supplemented with write ups that describe the image and it is required to use text characters. You should check that the images you put on or your content, that you are providing to the readers relevant to your topic.

You need to check for broken links and make it sure you to fix it before you put on your website and write the page using correct HTML. Broken links and bad HTML will cause to lower the value of the page when it comes to the rules and principles of the search engine optimization. We need to follow the rules of SEO in order to get the rankings that we want to be and get more visits this way.