Each and every one of us enjoys going out to eat every now and then. But have you enjoy trying new places and types of cuisine? Have you heard about the all new modern-Indian cuisine restaurant that are becoming the hottest food craze of many larger cities?

This was all new to me, but a close friend of mine asked me if I would try. Reluctantly I agreed to try the new style food and restaurant. So we looked up Indian Restaurants In Los Angeles and found Naya Restaurant and Lounge located in Silverlake. The first thing I was amazed was the atmosphere, their restaurant was beautiful and the staff was very nicely dressed and helpful.

Also the food was delicious with many different items to choose from. The first time I went there I tried their BUTTER CHICKEN MASALA. This was described as a Cornish game hen, buttery tomato sauce with Naya rice to top the meal off and cooked to perfection. They have many different items to choose from and I am sure you will find something to your liking. Now I just cannot seem to get enough.

The last time I was there I found out that the Naya Sunset and Naya Lounge also specialize in small gatherings or parties. So for my next party I am planning on bring ten of my closest friends to have some fun and enjoy the Naya Restaurant and Lounge. I hope they will enjoy the restaurant and food as much as I do.

Modern-Indian food is sweeping many larger cities all over. Not just the City Of Los Angeles where I first tasted this fantastic cuisine. Just look around your home town or check the directory for the one nearest you. I am sure that you will not be disappointed. I know I was not and will continue enjoying their style of cooking for many days to come.