We all would like to have both health and wealth but sometimes we cannot have all what we wanted. Our life is not always perfect even how hard we try but it is better to try than not trying at all. I know we all have issues with our life some financially and others have problems physically or health problems.

We are all facing different kinds of problems each day in our life but we just live with it and life still goes on. If you happen to choose between health and wealth which of this would you choose? As what I have observed most people would choose to have good health than wealth. Why? In my own opinion I would choose good health too.

My reason was that even if you have the whole earth of wealth but if you are sick or not in good health you are still not happy. You would rather lose everything to regain your health. Your happiness is not complete if you are not feeling well. Money cannot buy true happiness but health is wealth to most people because you can still find wealth if you have the health.

If we have good health we can able to work and do what we wanted to do. Whereas if you are sick or don’t have the best of health our life is not fun at all even if we have the money.  We need to take care of our health so that we can enjoy our life even more even without money we can still be completely happy.