Have you heard of American Writers & Artists, Inc. or also known as AWAI? If you own a website or a blog then you most likely have. If you are new to the world of the internet and are just learning then you might want to read more and take some notes on their web marketing techniques. First and foremost if you have a website or a blog it can be used to make a little extra money, more than with just paid per click (PPP) ads. You can also use your talents and write some articles for places like AWAI.

I recently came across their website and was drawn in by the idea or thought of making a little extra cash, since the economy is getting tight and the cost of living seems to be going up. So I started to review their website. I wanted this one question answered before I signed up, is awai a scam? What I found is that Is AWAI The Help Your Website Needs?

This is also used with web marketing and what many people pay a copywriter to do. I know your questions. What is a copywriter? or What does a copywriter do for a living? A copywriter is a person that will write articles for a book, newspaper, website or blog that you pay to use. Now this may be a pay by the hour or what many do is a pay by the article. This is what and where the American Writers & Artists Inc. is here to help. On their website you hire copywriters to write articles for your website or blog.

You give the requirements and the amount you are willing to pay and people will then if they are interested write an article for you to review and use. It is really a very simple process and has been done for many years. I know that AWAI has been in business since 1997. So why work a nine to five job? When you can have up to a six figure earnings working your own hours from your own home and get the assistance and guidance to your own successful career. I know I am going to look into this further, I have always wanted to be my own boss.