We lived in advanced world right now but sometimes I am still ignorant and innocent for some newly gadgets that is out or what’s new and popular today or latest technology. Maybe I am not resourceful enough on what’s going on in my world or sometimes I don’t care.

I have a friend of mine and I read in her wall post in Facebook  that she’s having hard time deciding which one to buy Nook or Kindle. So I wonder what is Nook and what is Kindle for me it’s funny because honestly I have no idea and I can’t relate because I don’t know anything about this.

In my curiosity I did look at in Google because every time I that I need something to know I usually Google. Glad that we have internet in our time because we can easily find out right away then we can have answers right away. Now I know that Kindle and Nook are both e-book reader but they have different features. Most of the wide readers might know about this but those who don’t know yet and you love to read you must check these gadgets.

This gadget it helps readers lover their life easier especially when they travel or vacation. They don’t have to bring a lot of books instead just one amazing gadget. So if reads all the time or love to read books you can check which is better Nook or Kindle.