We all know that eating is very important so that our body can function and think well. But eating too much is not good for us. This is just a reminder and advice in this holiday that we need to eat healthy and not too much. We need to eat every day as well as in the holiday but we have to eat appropriately and balance.

Have you notice that most people gain more weight during holidays? The reason for this is, we don’t have control of ourselves when it comes to eating. I know that we have so much food that we can eat and available during parties and gathering but we have to watch our eating habit and diet and it doesn’t mean that we don’t have to eat at all.

We all know that health is very important and too much eating food can contribute our health issues especially if we don’t exercise. I know it is our tradition to have many parties and food preparations that we made during these holidays that is why I mention here to remind me and you that we need to watch our diet and watch our eating these holidays.

Sometimes it is really hard to control eating especially when we see the foods that we like to eat. We just need to think of our health rather than the food that was their serving. I did not say that we don’t have to eat during holidays we just have to watch and control the portion of the food we eat. I know I have problem controlling myself eating but I will try this time and think of my health rather than the food that day.