I have noticed that when we focus too much on things that we don’t have we will feel disappointed and upset about our life. In know that we feel discouraged or even depressed when we think that we cannot have what we want. But instead of thinking of the things that we can’t have, why not think of all the blessings that we have.

The secret of being happy is to recognize the blessings that you have received. We need to be happy and contented of what we have and recognizing the blessings is what makes us happy. The problem with us people is, we want more and we are not satisfied of what we have that is what make us unhappy and stressed us about.

I know life sometimes can be very difficult to understand because human as we are we compare ourselves to others instead of focusing or recognizing the blessings that we have accomplish in our lives. Most of the time we want to get what we want in our lives and for that reason we are chasing the time and opportunity so that we can make or earn more and this is the reason that we get sick and stressed.

Most of us we want to work more so that we can we can earn more and we can spend more. We want to achieve more or we can get what we want and we are not satisfied of the things that we have. It is not wrong to have the ambition or goal in life but not to the extent that we have stress out ourselves in order to compete with other people or get the things that we can’t even afford. The secret of happy life is to be contented of what you have and recognizing the blessings that you received each day.